Kenesha Antoine

CEO, The Bluest Ink / Attorney at Law / Notary Public

Kenesha Antoine's first foray into the political world was both exciting and eye-opening. Ms. Antoine ran for Justice of the Peace in Baton Rouge's Ward 3, District 3. The special election was held on October 19, 2013 to fill the remainder of the term for the late Melva Cavanaugh after she passed away.

There were six candidates in the race. Ms. Antoine was one of two Democrats, and the other four candidates were Republicans. While Ms. Antoine's bid for the JP seat was not successful, she put up some very impressive numbers, coming in third place. Considering that Ms. Antoine was a truly grass roots candidate with no political experience, and a blue candidate in a very red district, she is proud of her campaign performance, and is thankful for the experience.

Ms. Antoine has no current plans to run for political office again. However, she remains open-minded regarding any possible future in politics, and she is always ready to be called upon should the opportunity to provide meaningful service to her community arise in the future.