Kenesha Antoine

CEO, The Bluest Ink / Attorney at Law / Notary Public

Kenesha Antoine is the Founder and CEO of The Bluest Ink, a local Baton Rouge business that offers notary, legal and DMV services. After discovering that there was a dearth of options available to consumers who had simple legal matters, but could not afford "big law firm" fees, Ms. Antoine founded The Bluest Ink with the goal of opening a low-cost, full service notary public and legal service provider to service the underrepresented consumers in her community. For the past five years, the staff at The Bluest Ink has worked with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity to bring clients and customers the results they expect.

The Bluest Ink distinguishes itself from other notaries and legal service providers with their affordable fees, flexible payment arrangements for legal matters, and also by posting their prices online. Ms. Antoine made it her mission to address the lack of transparency in the legal field, a trend she believes lends to the general distrust of attorneys in American society. The Bluest Ink does not believe in hidden fees that many law firms pass off as "costs and expenses". They are upfront about their costs, professional in their service, and impeccable in reputation.

The Bluest Ink also maintains a blog, a resource for the community where Ms. Antoine addresses common legal questions. It's just another way that she shows her customers and clients that she cares.

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